“Not only does this jam-packed little book live up to its title and provide simple and tangible ways that we can show our children how to serve (and often serve alongside them), it also tackles the heart issues behind serving.  Why should we serve?  Why should we teach our children to serve?  Does God expect us to serve?”  Jenae, I Can Teach My Child  [click for full review]


“In a culture that teaches kids that the world revolves around them (or should), this book is a breath of fresh air with practical, simple ideas for helping our littlest ones grow their hearts to serve others.”  – Charity Hawkins, The Homeschool Experiment [click for full review]


“If your desire as a parent is to raise children with servant hearts, then you need this book. Packed full of practical, doable ideas for teaching kids to serve, Teach Me to Serve will get you thinking and planning ways to encourage your kids to serve others. Although aimed at teaching preschoolers to serve, the ideas in this book can be adapted for kids of almost any age.” – Lori, Everyday Truth [click for full review]


“I really appreciated the very practical and inexpensive suggestions in this ebook. It’s easy to overlook the simple things that can mean a world of difference to someone. And it’s also easy to sometimes pass up opportunities to instill character and a servant’s heart in our children because we think they might be too young. But it’s never too early to start teaching them these things — and giving them little ways to reach out. This ebook includes 99 ideas for ways preschoolers can serve in the home, in your neighborhood, in the community, and in your church. Many of the ideas were very original and a number of them I highly doubt I ever would have thought of on my own.    – Crystal, Money Saving Mom


“In a world full of people who have “the gimmes” (as I call it), it’s so hard to raise a child to have a giving heart. As Kristen’s book will show you, it is easy to lead by example. It doesn’t necessarily take lots of money to give. Kristen shows you small ways to give (as well as larger ways) that anyone, even your children, can take part in. I hope you will consider using this book for your family. I love each and every way to serve in this book and have already started with my daughter. It’s amazing to see how her heart is opening up to those in need.” – Lauren, Tutus & Tea Parties


“This eBook gives you some very practical ways to serve others — and encourages service in all the different areas of our lives.  I just really love how she lays out the vision and gives practical ideas to get our little ones serving others!” – Stacie, Motherhood on a Dime [click for full review]


“What a great collection of practical ideas to improve the way that you and your children can change your perspective in serving! Kristen has a true gift for seeing opportunities for giving in life’s everyday occurrences. This ebook is overflowing with life applicable ideas! What a blessing it has been to me as a mother of young kids as I endeavor to guide them towards a heart for God and others.” – Jody


“As a busy, working mother of three (with one on the way!), the idea of taking on a new project of teaching my children to serve seemed overwhelming.  However, Kristen’s book offers so many practical, easy solutions I can incorporate every day to help guide my children in their understanding of serving and being thoughtful disciples.  This book is a great read and I highly recommend it to other mothers like myself who didn’t know where to start!”  – Sonya


“Great spiritual, inspirational ideas for us to do with our children!! Love it!!” – Jen


“I really want to teach my children to be helpful and to serve others but like so many busy moms, the day to day tasks seem to get in the way of my intentions. This terrific E-book gives amazing tips to integrate a giving heart into an everyday world, in simple and practical ways!” – Heidi


“Inspiring, creative, and a touch from Jesus! Kristen’s writing has encouraged my family to be a servant to the people God has placed in our path.” – Shannon


“Our children know how to serve themselves. Having a heart for others must be taught. Kristen has delivered practical, insightful and creative daily ways that our youth can serve others and touch lives in a true biblical way. This book is liberally sprinkled with teachable moments and sound biblical verses about serving others. “Teach Me To Serve” actively shows daily hands-on approaches to serving others and if performed, will form our children into a blessing to others while teaching them tender-hearted compassion.” – Mara Lynn


“Very inspiring!  Kristen has a gift of creativity and a true servant’s heart.”  – Maria


“It is difficult to express what a blessing this book was to me and the impact it will certainly have on my life. Teach Me To Serve has reminded me that if I desire to raise a child with a loving and tender heart towards others, it begins with me leading by example. As I demonstrate and display a servant’s heart, it will encourage and nurture the same type of heart in my child’s life. Kristen has given her heart and soul, laying out 99 practical ways to serve alongside your child. Laughing one moment and crying the next, Teach Me To Serve reached and touched the deepest places of my heart. I especially love that scripture has been woven through each page, specifically pointing us to what God has designed us to be as parents. I am so excited to begin creating in my preschooler a heart to serve, and watch how God uses this heart for His plan as they grow up!” – Hope


“What a treasure you have created for moms everywhere! . . . I will now help my grandchildren develop their hearts for serving God to better equip them to serve others by always looking for ways to be the hands and feet of Christ . . . Extremely well thought out and written.  Very well organized with a variety of places and situations children can serve.”  – Pam


“As a busy mom of three, in three schools, with so many extracurricular activities, our days are very full. As a Christian, I try every day to integrate our faith into conversations and activities. This ebook truly gives you the tools to find very practical ways, daily, to minister to others. I have often heard that one kind act is worth more then 10,000 good intentions, and this book gives is a practical resource which shares simple opportunities for our families to bless others. We are all called to serve.” – Nancy


Every mother wants her kids to be loving and compassionate. But how do we instill these qualities in our children in ways they will enjoy? And how do we teach our children to be more like Christ? This quick read is full of fun ways to teach our children how to serve others, just as we are called to do as Christians. Not only does the author give us practical ways to develop a heart for serving, but it also provides an inspiring, Biblical basis for why it is so important to teach our children to serve. And it will inspire you to want to serve too! – Tara


“I don’t have preschoolers in my house so I wasn’t expecting to find anything that pertained to me personally.  Um, Wrong!  Those 99 ways to serve and bless others start off with a shift in thinking . . . I found unique activities (that I never would’ve thought of) in the grocery store, in the neighborhood, and on trips that I will be having my teenagers & elementary children do.  But obviously it will work with preschoolers as well – because Kristen tapped into the mind of a preschooler and used their flair for imagination and the dramatic as assets in the assigned tasks.” – Heather, Creative Family Moments [click for full review]

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