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Do you want your preschooler to have a heart to serve others?

I’m willing to bet that you have great ambitions for your children.  You work to raise children who are kind, friendly, hard-working and all-around “good” people.  But have you given consideration to developing the characteristic of a servant’s heart?  As a parent, you can be deliberate in providing various opportunities for your children to serve others.  Even a preschooler can learn to have heart for others and follow Jesus’ example of servanthood.

This isn’t a curriculum, nor is it a book of crafty ideas.  The ebook contains 99 practical tasks in which your preschooler can learn to serve in their home, neighborhood, community, church and even the world.  Discover why we serve and how you can lead your child through the process of developing a heart for others.

“Not only does this jam-packed little book live up to its title and provide simple and tangible ways that we can show our children how to serve (and often serve alongside them), it also tackles the heart issues behind serving.  Why should we serve?  Why should we teach our children to serve?  Does God expect us to serve? ”  – Jenae, I Can Teach My Child


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Teach Me to Serve 3d

Do you want your kids to:

  • have hearts to serve others
  • be helpful to others
  • be tender-hearted and compassionate
  • be thoughtful
  • be quick to help
  • be more like Jesus
  • develop a heart for what is on Jesus’ heart
  • glorify God as they serve others
  • deny the selfishness that permeates our culture
  • serve without needing to be rewarded
  • know the blessing that comes with blessing others
  • know why we serve, biblically speaking

If you need ideas to teach your kids to serve, then this book is for you!  

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(Also available on Kindle and Nook.)

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